Saturday, August 14, 2010

Victim, I mean Model, number 1

Well, as you can see, this fellow's first fashion flaw is that he has no face....jkjk we don't want to totally humiliate our fellow fashionistas, so we took the liberty of blocking his face out with some paint : D. This picture was taken at a Journey tribute band concert . I doubt this man really thought about the fashion part of his outfit, maybe he wanted to show off his manly tatoos....lets just say this type of outfit isnt flattering for anyone, unless your an Ambercrombie model. The whole farmers tan mixed in with the awkward dress pants and tennis shoes just makes this outfit a 'so not!' with out a doubt!
A better alternative for him would be this outfit here : a nice layered dress shirt w stripes, under a matching (neutral) jacket, and close fitting jeans. Notice how i said close fitted not skinny...skinny wouldnt be a good choice for a guy his age, but close fitting jeans make your legs seem taller and thinner. A shoe choice would be a dress tennis shoe, like brown or black. Again, this was in the summer, so he could have lost the jacket and gone with the dress shirt and jeans. Even if he put a shirt on, it would have looked a lot better! It's always better to go overdressed that underdressed!

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  1. Well, since I witnessed this one first-hand, I'm not too surprised he made the "so not" list. Here's a question though, what about a TATOOED on shirt that looked like the model above? Hmmmm, think about that for awhile!