Saturday, August 14, 2010

Victim, I mean Model, number 1

Well, as you can see, this fellow's first fashion flaw is that he has no face....jkjk we don't want to totally humiliate our fellow fashionistas, so we took the liberty of blocking his face out with some paint : D. This picture was taken at a Journey tribute band concert . I doubt this man really thought about the fashion part of his outfit, maybe he wanted to show off his manly tatoos....lets just say this type of outfit isnt flattering for anyone, unless your an Ambercrombie model. The whole farmers tan mixed in with the awkward dress pants and tennis shoes just makes this outfit a 'so not!' with out a doubt!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


OK, here's an over-view of whats gonna be happening here: we would love it if America was more aware of her fashion flaws and to make that point clear we are going to give you examples of everyday people and their attire and why its hot/not. We will also interview random people and see their views on their outfits for everyday. Pictures will be posted along with our diagnosis. Basically you get to sit here and watch us decide whats hot, and whats NOT! bum bum BUM!!!! : D